You can add widgets to the Newspack Themes by navigating to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Widgets, and picking the area that you’d like to modify. The Newspack Themes have widgets in the following locations:

The sidebar widget is always available on archive or search results pages, and is available on posts and subpages when they use the default template.

Search and Recent Posts widgets displaying in the sidebar widget area of a single post.

The sidebar widget is not available on the static front page, but many widgets are also available as blocks, like search, latest comments, and Twitter and Facebook embeds.

On screens less than 782px wide, the sidebar widget will drop below the content.

Widgets added to the footer widget area will display on every page on the site.

If only one widget is added, it will display at 100% of the available space; two widgets will each take up 50% of the available space; three widgets will each take a third, and four will each take 25% of the available space.

Footer widget area, with one text widget.
Footer widget area, with two text widgets.
Footer widget area, with three text widgets.
Footer widget area, with four text widgets.

Adding five or more widgets will just repeat the same behavior — the fifth widget will be 100% of the available width, the fifth and sixth will each be 50%, and so on.

When at least one footer widget is added, the logo and social menu will display above it.

As the name indicates, the Above Copyright widget area appears immediately above the copyright that appears at the very bottom of the page.

Where the Footer widget area is better suited to more content-filled widgets, the Above Copyright widget area is intended for very simple widgets, either a single line of navigation, a disclaimer, or a small set of logos indicating supporters.

When one widget is added, it will run the full width of the available space:

One Navigation Menu widget in the Above Copyright area. Links in this widget will be displayed next to each other, rather than as a list.
One Text widget in the Above Copyright area.

Any additional widgets will be aligned fully to the right, with the first widget taking up the bulk of the available space:

One Text widget, and one Image widget in the Above Copyright area.

By default, the widget title will display above the widget; to add a widget without a title, leave the ‘Title’ field blank.

Above Content and Below Content

The Above Content and Below Content widget areas are only available on single posts.

The Above Content widget area will appear directly before your written content, under the post title:

If the current post has the Small Featured Image option set, it will appear above that image:

The Below Content widget will appear below the content added by the page editor, but above the post’s tags, author bio and comments section:

These two widget areas are ideal for content you’d like to appear on every single post — things like calls to action, or disclaimer text. Content that should only appear on some posts would be better handled with a reusable block.

Like the Above Copyright widget area, you can optionally not display the widget titles in these widget areas by not giving them titles (as shown in the screenshots).