The Newspack Themes and Homepage Posts Block current support one Post Format, the Aside Format. This format allows you to create posts that will show up in full in the Homepage Posts block, using a slightly smaller font size.

These posts will not link back to the full single post, allowing you to include a short 1-2 line update in your news feed, with or without a link to another website.

Aside Format

To create a post with the Aside format, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new post.
  2. Add a title and content, plus any tags and categories that are needed.
  3. On the Document tab in the top-right corner of the editor, find the dropdown labelled Post Formats. Change this dropdown from the default ‘Standard’ to ‘Aside’:
  1. Publish the post.

The single view of your aside post will look the same as other posts, but when included in the Homepage Posts block, there are some notable visual differences:

  • The post title will be the same size as the text, rather than larger.
  • The author will not display, even when this is turned on for the block (this can be overridden with Custom CSS).
  • Normally the block will display an excerpt — when dynamically generated from your post’s content, it will truncate it after a fixed number of characters, and strip out any HTML, including links. The Aside post format will display the full post content, allowing you to include simple paragraphs and links. Although it will display more complex HTML than that — including lists, images, and tables — we recommend keeping it simple.
  • This post format won’t necessarily fit in with all of the Homepage Posts block options — for example, that it can potentially display longer text may not make it fit in well with the block’s grid layout. Keep that in mind when using this post format, and control where it displays by using the category, tag, and author query options in the Homepage Posts block.