Email newsletters are probably the best vehicle for building audience and becoming a predictable presence in your readers’ lives. Use the following steps to combine Newspack functionality and add a Mailchimp newsletter sign-up call-to-action throughout your site.

Connect Mailchimp to your site

Use the Engagement Wizard in Newspack to connect your Mailchimp account to your website by following these steps here.

Create content using Newspack Patterns

  1. If you haven’t already, navigate to Dashboard > Newspack > Engagement and install and activate the Newspack Pop-ups plugin by following the steps under the Getting Started header.
  2. Navigate to Dashboard > Popups and click Add New.
  3. Click the Newspack Patterns button in the top-right corner to open the available block patterns:

Note: Gutenberg 7.7 will contain its own separate patterns panel; Newspack’s are separate for the time being and can be accessed using the button with the Newspack logo furthest to the right.

  1. In the Newspack Patterns panel that opens, there will be a section with already assembled block combinations for Subscriptions.
  1. Pick your preferred pattern to use in your inline pop-up by clicking either Style 1 (which uses a Media & Text block), or Style 2 (which uses a Cover block). Clicking the style will insert it into your pop-up automatically:
Subscribe Pattern Style 1.
Subscribe Pattern Style 2.
  1. Customize your block further! You can update the Header block, add a Paragraph block, and change out the image used in the Media & Text block or Cover block.

Set your pop-up’s display settings

  1. Click the cog icon in the top-right corner, and click the Document tab:
  1. Click on the Pop-up Settings panel to open its main settings.
  2. Choose your pop-up’s Placement. You can have a traditional pop-up that appears in the Center, Top or Bottom of the page, or have it placed Inline:
  1. Change the Frequency of the pop-up; you can leave it in Test mode to initially test and see how the pop-up will look to your visitors, then switch it to Once, Once a Day or Every Page to have it display for everyone.

Note: For now, you will need to Publish the pop-up to finish these last steps.

  1. Either check Sitewide Default at the top of the Pop-up Settings to have this inline pop-up appear on all pages of your site, or open the Categories panel and limit the pop-up to only show for posts with specific categories.
  2. You can adjust other pop-up options listed here to customize it further.
  3. Publish your pop-up to save all the changes.

If your site is set to AMP-standard mode, once a visitor signs up for a Newsletter, they will no longer see the pop-up asking them to do so, making sure you’re only targeting the folks who have not signed up yet.