The Newspack Plugin brings together a collection of custom plugins and themes developed by the Newspack team, as well as some thoroughly vetted third-party plugins.

Documentation for these additional plugins is linked below:

Newspack plugins

  • Newspack Plugin – Installs the Newspack themes, the required plugins and some of the recommended plugins automatically. Offers basic configuration options for your Newspack site in one dashboard.
  • Newspack Ads – Helps connect your Newspack site to various ad providers.
  • Newspack Blocks – A collection of custom Gutenberg blocks, designed for building news sites, as well as some extensions to existing Gutenberg blocks.
  • Newspack Campaigns – Allows you to create AMP-compatible inline and overlay notifications on your Newspack site.
  • Newspack Image Credits – Allows you to add image credit information to images, to display with their captions.
  • Newspack Listings – Adds the ability to build listings and directories to Newspack sites.
  • Newspack Media Partners – Lets you add media partners and their logos to posts; intended for posts published in conjuction with other outlets.
  • Newspack Newsletters – Allows you to connect an email service provider (ESP) to your Newspack site and create, edit, and send newsletters directly from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Newspack Sponsors – Allows special visual treatment for sponsored and underwritten content. Create sponsors, edit sponsor info, and associate sponsors with posts, categories and tags.

Required plugins

Although not required to use all of the functionality in the Newspack plugin, these plugins have been thoroughly reviewed for features, quality, and code, and we’re recommending them to fill different requirements on Newspack sites:

  • Akismet Anti-Spam – helps catch comment and contact form spam.
  • AMP TablePress – an adapter plugin to help make the TablePress plugin AMP compatible when paired with the official AMP WordPress plugin.
  • Broadstreet – helps integrate Broadstreet’s business directory and adserving power with your WordPress.
  • Co-Authors Plus – a plugin that lets you add multiple authors to a single post, or to create Guest Authors that can be set as authors for posts, and have their own archive pages, without having to create WordPress accounts for them.
  • Constant Contact Forms plugin – allows you to easily add your Constant Contact forms to your WordPress site.
  • Coral Project – a plugin that replaces WordPress’ default comments and comment form with Vox Media’s Coral Project comments.
  • Disqus for WordPress – allows you to easily replace WordPress’ default comments and comment form with Disqus‘ comment system. Can be paired with the Newspack Disqus AMP plugin to add AMP compatibility.
  • Distributor – makes it easy to distribute and reuse content across different websites.
  • DocumentCloud – allows you to embed DocumentCloud content in your WordPress site.
  • Instant Articles for WP – adds support for Instant Articles for Facebook to your WordPress site.
  • Mailchimp for WooCommerce – syncs the contact information gathered by WooCommerce from visitors who make donations with your Mailchimp account, making it easier to reach out to them again with future campaigns.
  • MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress – connects your Mailchimp account to your WordPress site, making it easier to create sign up forms and integrate with other plugins.
  • Organic Profile Block – a custom block designed to easily display personal profiles. Ideal for listing staff and contributors.
  • – a plugin that helps connect your account to your WordPress site. helps you see how your content is performing — learn more about here.
  • Publish to Apple News – enables your WordPress posts to be published to your Apple News channel. There’s some more information about becoming an Apple News Publisher here.
  • Pym.js Embeds – helps embedded iframes to size responsively, both horizontally and vertically by using the NPR Visual Team‘s Pym.js.
  • Redirection – helps you manage 301 redirections and keep track of 404 errors.
  • Regenerate Thumbnails – a plugin that helps regenerate all thumbnail sizes for images that have been uploaded to your Media Library.
  • Simple Local Avatars – by default, the Newspack themes and Homepage Posts block will use an author’s Gravatar for the portrait displayed next to their byline. This plugin lets you assign custom images per user, for greater flexibility.
  • Super Cool Ad Inserter Plugin – allows you to insert widgets — like ads, newsletter signups, and calls-to-action — into posts at set intervals, or on a per-post basis.
  • TablePress – helps you easily create and manage more complex tables. Should be paired with the AMP TablePress plugin to make sure the tables are AMP-compatible.
  • WooCommerce – a flexible eCommerce solution built on WordPress, used to help manage Newspack sites’ donations.
    • WooCommerce Stripe Gateway – allows you to accept payments from the Stripe payment gateway right on your website, rather than visitors being redirected to an external Stripe checkout page.
    • WooCommerce Subscriptions (premium plugin) – a WooCommerce extension that allows customers to subscribe to virtual products or services.
  • WP GDPR Cookie Notice – displays a performant cookie consent notice that supports AMP, granular cookie control and live preview customization.