The best place to ask for help with things that come up after launch is the #newspack-help channel in Newspack Slack. We’ve created a workflow form that you can use to submit your question, which will post your request to the channel and automatically notify the support team.

Submitting a form

  1. Click the lightning bolt and then choose Submit Help Request.

2. Fill out the form:

Here are the options for the “What do you need help with?”:

  • Something seems broken
  • Need instruction around a feature
  • Trying to add something to the site
  • Other

3. The form the displays in the channel. You’ll also get a DM acknowledging your submission.
5. A member of the Newspack support team will work with you in the message thread to resolve the issue.
6. When finished, the support team will click Mark Complete.
7. That opens a quick form for us to categorize the request.
8. The thread is marked as closed.