Newspack Campaigns include some site-wide settings to help avoid targeting readers who have already subscribed or donated, and to reduce load when your site is experiencing high traffic events.

The following options are available (all disabled by default):

  • Suppress Newsletter campaigns if visitor is coming from email.
  • Suppress all Newsletter campaigns if at least one Newsletter campaign was permanently dismissed.
  • Suppress all donation campaigns if the reader has donated.
  • Enable non-interactive mode. (This turns off calls to the Campaigns API, lessening the load on your server for high traffic events on your website. Overlay campaigns will not be displayed when this is enabled, and inline campaigns can’t be dismissed.)

Follow these steps to change any of these options:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Newspack > Campaigns, and click on the Settings tab:
  1. Check any options you would like to enable. Your choices will be saved automatically.