The Campaign Preview feature allows you to preview what campaigns are showing to specific reader segments, or campaigns that are assigned to specific groups. “Previewing as a segment” allows the editor to experience the site as a user falling into a particular segment.

Important deprecation note: Campaign previewing completely replaces the “Test Mode” feature. Test Mode will no longer appear in the Newspack dashboard or in the sidebar when editing Campaigns. When viewing the site as a logged-in editor, Campaigns will never be shown. Instead previewing, and previewing-as-segment are the appropriate way to test and verify Campaigns before publishing.

There are two ways to use this tool. The most obvious is from the Preview tab:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Newspack > Campaigns, and click on the Preview tab.
  2. Choose a specific segment from the Segment dropdown, or add one or more groups by name in the Groups field.
  3. Choose whether to show unpublished campaigns in the preview. If this option is enabled, all campaigns that match your selected segment and group(s) will be shown regardless of publish status. If disabled, only published campaigns—those potentially visible to actual readers—will be shown.
  1. Click Preview — an overlay will open with a view of your site, and any campaigns that would be shown based on your preview settings.

You can also preview all campaigns or campaigns in specific groups from the Campaigns tab:

  1. Select a group filter and click the Preview button to choose preview options. Note that you can only preview one group at a time with this interface.