Newspack Campaigns is tracking crucial events in Google Analytics, using the account connected via the Site Kit plugin. The data is presented in the Campaigns Wizard, under Campaigns -> Analytics:

To view the data for a specific prompt, select one using the first select element:

Note that the prompts’ titles will be prefixed by their placement.

On the chart, the data displayed is the number of “events”. To drill down to a specific event type, use the second select element:

There might be more or less options, depending on the amount of data.

The possible events are following:

  • “Load” means that the prompt was loaded on the page. Compare this with “Seen” to get an idea of the prompt “viewability” – it might happen that a prompt is loaded on a lot of pages, but rarely seen due to its placement.
  • “Seen” means that the prompt was actually seen by the user.
  • “Link Click”. When a prompt contains a link, the clicks on it will be tracked under this metric.
  • “Form Submission”. When a prompt contains a form (e.g. a newsletter subscription form), the submissions of it will be tracked under this metric.
  • “Dismissal”. In case of overlay prompts, the prompt was dismissed by clicking on the close button or outside of the prompt.
  • “Permanent Dismissal”. User click the “I’m not interested” button.