The Campaigns feature will let you build a persuasive ask from scratch, using all available blocks, and display it as an overlay, inline with the story, or above the site header.

An overlay campaign (commonly known as a “pop-up”) can be limited to specific categories or run sitewide, and it can appear at the top, bottom or in the middle of a page. It can be triggered either by time on the page, or percentage-based depth of scroll.

An inline campaign also can be limited by category or run on every article page. If placed inside an article, a placement slider sets the approximate percentage into the article’s content where the campaign will appear; unlike an ad, an inline campaign can be dismissed by the reader. If in the ‘above header’ position, it will appear above the site header on every page until dismissed or the campaign’s frequency conditions are met (read more about frequency settings).

Another setting allows you to exclude readers who arrived by clicking a link in an email newsletter, so you’re not asking in the Campaign for a newsletter sign up when they’ve just come from your newsletter.

Campaigns can also be assigned to audience segments, which can be created and configured (read more about segmentation).

Getting started

If you haven’t already, install the Newspack Campaigns plugin by navigating to Dashboard > Newspack > Campaigns, and installing and activating the listed plugins:

Once the plugins have been installed and activated, you will be prompted to create your first campaign: