The Newspack Article Carousel block allows you to pick a set of posts based on category, tags, or author, and display them in an AMP-compatible slideshow.

To use the Article Carousel block, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the post or page where you would like to add the block.
  2. Open the Gutenberg block selector and search for ‘Carousel’, or scroll down to the Newspack section of the dropdown and pick Article Carousel:
  1. The block will preview in the editor, showing the three latest posts that have Featured Images assigned; posts without will be skipped:
  1. To change the block options, select the block, then in the right sidebar, select Block tab at the top. If the right sidebar is not visible in the editor, it can be opened by clicking the cog icon in the top-right corner:
  1. Under Display Settings, you can change the number of posts shown, and whether they’re from specific Authors, Categories, or Tags. Under Slideshow Settings, you can opt to have the slideshow autoplay. And under Article Meta Settings, you can toggle on/off the date, category, author, and author avatar.
  2. Once done, click Update or Publish to save your changes.

You can see an example of the Article Carousel block below, showing off posts from this site:

Article Carousel Block