Google Ad Manager is Google’s platform to grow ad revenue from your site. To start with Google Ad Manager, you will need need to sign up for a Google AdSense account.

Please check out this site for support information for Google Ad Manager.

Setting up Google Ad Manager

To set up Google Adsense on your Newspack site, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Newspack > Advertising.
  2. Under the Ad Providers tab, toggle on the Google Ad Manager option:
  1. Click the Configure that appears in the Google Ad Manager section.
  2. First, click the Global Code tab, and copy-paste your Google Ad Manager Network Code into the field provided. Your Network Code can be found in the upper left corner of your Google Ad Manager dashboard (click here for more detailed instructions for finding this code):
  1. Click Save to save your Network Code.

Next, you will need to create Ad Units to use the ads on your site.

Creating Ad Units

Once you’ve set up the Google Ad Manager, you can create Individual Ad Units by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Individual Ad Units tab, then click Add an individual ad unit:
  1. In a separate tab or window, go to your Google Ad Manager account and navigate to Inventory > Ad Units.
  2. Choose the ad you want, and copy the Code field for that ad.
  3. Return to the Ad Wizard and Newspack, and paste the Code you copied into the Ad unit code field:
  1. Give the ad a name in the Ad unit name field — this name will be used to identify the ad in the Newspack interface; if no name is given, the Ad unit code will be used instead.
  2. Use the Width and Height fields to add a size for the ad; you can also click the Add Size button to add multiple sizes.
  3. Once you’re finished configuring your ad, click Save. Your ad will now appear on the Individual ad unit tab, using its unit name if provided, or unit code:
  1. To add another Ad Unit, click Ad an individual ad unit, and start again at step one above. Otherwise, click Back to advertising options to return to the main Advertising wizard.

You can add this Ad Unit to the site by adding it to one of the pre-defined ad placements, by using the Newspack Ad Block, or by using the Newspack Ad Unit widget.