Newspack is a WordPress plugin that selects, streamlines and simplifies the use of other plugins best suited to newsroom needs. You can learn more about Newspack by visiting our About page, and reading through some FAQs.

Below you can find documentation for the different tools, plugins, and themes that make up Newspack:

Newspack Themes

A collection of WordPress themes tailored around Newspack’s supported plugins.

Newspack Blocks

A collection of custom Gutenberg blocks and styles, tailored to help you build dynamic news layouts.


Learn more about Newspack’s required and recommended third-party plugins.


Add advertising to your Newspack site from WordAds, Google AdSense or Google Ad Manager.

Reader Revenue

Encourage site visitors to contribute to your publishing through a Donate block.


Connect to Mailchimp, create Campaigns, set up Jetpack Publicize, and add comments to your site.


Explore our step-by-step guides to combine different Newspack functionality to build important features on your site.

Block Tricks

Step-by-step guides for working with some of the blocks more tricky settings.


Enhance the default Google Analytics configuration.