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  • Get top-notch realtime analytics from at a deep discount.
  • And get even more affordable workshops: Free.
  • Be part of a study to improve financial stability at news organizations.
  • Launches over the past week.
  • Get Newspack calls on your calendar.

New quarterly workshops starting for, which you can get from Newspack at a discount, the popular digital data analytics provider, was acquired by WordPress VIP in early 2021 and Newspack customers can sign up for the service at a heavily discounted rate.

While is an effective tool for both editorial and business teams, it has been particularly popular in newsrooms.

Users say that they love its ease of use. (Here’s more of what a few of your colleagues who already use have to say about the service. And this American Press Institute post has some worthwhile insights about how to think about metrics in the newsroom).

For more information about the service and a Q&A with our account manager, John Levitt, you can review this video call with Newspack customers.

You can also view a video of our July 2021 call with Graham Watson-Ringo, who, before joining News Revenue Hub, was a heavy user. There’s also more information here.

We’re kicking of quarterly workshops on Feb. 2 for all those interested. The agenda will be set by you. We’ll take your questions and interests from this registration form and address what we can.

The session will be run by former journalist and current head of training at, Stephanie Schwartz, at noon Eastern Time. 

We ask that you and your teams register by January 25. We will send you an invite to the Zoom call with receipt of your registration. And an agenda will be shared in Slack prior to the meeting. The session will also be recorded.

Have questions about the workshop, signing up for or your trial? On Slack, please DM @Joan Brady / Newspack (Spirited Media).

The service includes the following features (click to embiggen): does not charge for brief unexpected traffic spikes that may occur around an isolated news event. is an opt-in service that is provided at an incremental cost to each publisher. Newspack handles setup and billing. You will be charged by Newspack through the Stripe account that you established when you signed up for Newspack. provides workshops (no more than quarterly), which are recorded so that you can get your staff up and running on the tool at any time. 
The community Slack channel offers both resources and a place to ask questions of each other and the Newspack and staffs.

Existing customers of who join through Newspack will have no interruption in service (and access the last 13 months of data if they’ve been on the service that long).

All customers also have the right to subscribe to additional premium features — but in that case will enter into a direct contract with for the add-ons. The language that relates to this is as follows:

Any Add-On Fees agreed to, via a separate order form, between a Monitored Domain and will be paid by the Monitored Domain, to, on an annual, upfront, basis. In the event that there is a conflict between the terms of this Order Form and an order form between a Monitored Domain and for the Add-On Services, the order form for the Add-On Services shall prevail.

  • API: The greater of $1,200 / year or $540 / year, per 1 million monthly page views
  • Data Retention (Additional 12 months): The greater of $1,200 / year or $300 / year, per 1 million monthly page views
  • Geographical Audience Segments: The greater of $1,200 / year or $300 / year, per 1 million monthly page views
  • Custom Implementation / Support Services: TBD on project basis if required

Feel free to reach out to Joan Brady: or @joanbrady on Slack if you have questions. If you are ready to sign up, please fill out this subscription form and return to Joan to ensure your access is set up and to start your subscription. 

Study on sustainable newsrooms wants to hear from you

The Google News Initiative and FT Strategies, the consulting arm of the Financial Times, are conducting a study and developing a diagnostic tool to identify ways of improving the financial sustainability of news organizations.

We’ve asked their folks to join us for our Tuesday call for publishers and developers to explain a bit more.

They’re looking for volunteers who would be willing to complete a brief survey and conduct an hourlong interview with them.

From their note to us:

The study’s vision is to identify archetypes of success and to produce a diagnostic tool freely available to publishers across the world, that will provide them with recommendations and resources to support them on the path to sustainability.

This is where we’d really value your help. The Sustainability Study would really value having a confidential discussion around your organization’s aspirations, challenges, and current performance (e.g. strategy, financial metrics, to tactics and capabilities related to your audience). This call, along with five short 15-minute online surveys would form the basis of your company’s participation in the study. These responses will be anonymized, and only FT Strategies would have access to this data in its raw form.

If you’ve seen enough here that you know you’d like to participate, contact them at

What’s new in Newspack?

Check out the release notes for this week.

145th Newspack newsroom launched

Congratulations to newsroom leaders on your launch in the past week.

As always, you can see the gallery of launched Newspack sites here.

Easily get our regularly scheduled meetings on your calendar

We have a meeting every other Tuesday at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. This is for publishers and developers to get together, but it is by no means mandatory. Most of the meeting is turned over to guest speakers for professional development, or to one of our team members to highlight a major change to the Newspack platform. We use this meeting to update you on business and product developments, as well.

And here’s a handy way to get them on your calendar:

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We also hold a 30-minute How To session each Friday at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. We offer a quick look at one topic, block, feature or other useful maneuver. You can see how these work by going here for or small-but-growing library of videos. The password is ilovenews

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