The platform for news

Newspack, a project of WordPress.com and the Google News Initiative, is an advanced open-source publishing and
revenue-generating platform for news organizations.

Newspack explained

Newspack is an all-in-one publishing platform that incorporates industry best practices to help small and medium-sized news organizations produce great journalism, drive audience, and generate revenue.

Newspack has an ever-growing community of newsrooms on the platform. Check out the list.

Explore Newspack’s worldwide community using our interactive map

The Newspack community spans the globe. Want to see where our publishers are based? Open up this nifty zoomable, pannable map.

How Newspack is put together

Check out the various components that have been integrated into Newspack over the past year, from authoring tools, to ad managers, to membership and subscription features. You’ll find them on our Support page.

How Newspack is working to crack the code on local news

We believe that by hosting sites on a common platform we can begin to figure out what’s working and what’s not in various areas of economic and editorial endeavor — and then quickly make it available to other sites.

Latest news

Newspack joins forces with BlueLena

February 24, 2022 – Newspack is expanding the services it offers digital news organizations by forming a business alliance with BlueLena, a tech marketing services startup that helps publishers develop successful subscription, membership and donation models. The move coincides with parent company Automattic Inc.’s decision to lead BlueLena’s first investment round along…

Three big ideas on giving a platform to marginalized communities

Since launching in 2015, Scalawag has gone through a variety of changes. The former quarterly print magazine is now a digital-first website, it traded a subscription model for membership, and its co-founders have stepped aside. Through it all, though, Scalawag’s vision has remained clear: to create a more liberated South through community-driven…

More about Newspack

Newspack draws on the power of WordPress and years of industry expertise to deliver a handcrafted solution that helps small and medium-sized news sites build audience and revenue in the digital era. More than 50 sites have signed on in the first year. Check out the latest features and review our pricing and terms of service.