We are off and rolling and feeling unshackled in a way, as we had settled for a limited, unremarkable website for too long. Now we have many easy-to-deploy visual and engagement tools, including for the home page, and it all tends to spur your imagination.

David Fritze, executive editor of Oklahoma Watch

 Maybe the most interesting thing for us was that Newspack team and other news sites from the pilot program proposed things that we didn’t consider for our site, such as an ultra-flexible donation system or workflow systems. We see a lot of power in that collaborative way to develop a product.

Ana Arriagada, Executive Director of El Soberano

Newspack provides us with greater choice and flexibility in the presentation of our content and agility to adapt to best serve the needs of readers. The new platform also provides us with the tools we need to experiment with various membership and newsletter acquisition tactics, and we greatly appreciate the Newspack team’s openness and commitment to continual improvement and innovative solutions.

Jenna Mallette, Chief operating officer of the Rivard report