This video from Laurel Fulford of the Newspack development team demonstrates how the new platform adds to WordPress’s block editor to give newsrooms a range of options for showcasing their work (no sound):

Up to 12 charter newsrooms are set to re-launch with the service by mid-October. Applications are open through Aug. 15 for up to 50 news organizations to join the second phase of development. Much more on that here

This rough-cut video without any narration was put together to show Newspack’s pilot newsrooms what’s possible, not as a training tool. It moves quickly, with the goal of showing a completed page in short order. It offers a glimpse of the design possibilities that are planned.

Read more about Newspack’s features and the thinking behind it on the

Although there isn’t a video showing their creation, here are several static mockups of Newspack content.

Five examples of homepages:

A couple looks at single posts:

And mobile delivery of a homepage:

Google, through its Google News Initiative, is the lead underwriter of Newspack’s development at $1.2 million. Other financial supporters and advisers are The Lenfest Institute, which is contributing $400,000; ConsenSys, which is contributing $350,000; and the Knight Foundation, which is contributing $250,000.