WordPress for News Organizations

Newspack, a project of WordPress.com and the Google News Initiative, is an advanced open-source publishing and revenue-generating platform for news organizations.


Introducing Newspack

Newspack was a conceived as way to help small- and medium-sized digital news organizations drive audience and revenue by engineering a platform that embodies the best practices of the news business. To read more about how Newspack works and what it costs, check out the deck below:

18 sites relaunched with Newspack

Newspack has an ever-growing community of newsrooms that have relaunched using our platform. Look over the list, and read some of their endorsements.

Video demos

See revenue-generation features of Newspack in action

The Newspack team has hit another development milestone on time with the completion of the tools needed to set up donations/subscriptions and advertising. The charter newsrooms that are guiding the development of Newspack are still on course to launch by mid-October.

How Newspack is put together

Check out the various components that have been integrated into Newspack over the past year, from authoring tools, to ad managers, to membership and subscription features. You’ll find them on our Support page.

Industry News

Tracking the impact of the pandemic on journalism worldwide

On a grim day for digital journalists, with hundreds of layoffs announced, we wanted to call out the Tow Center’s efforts to document the impact of the pandemic on journalism worldwide and urge you to take a minute to complete their survey.

2020 Pulitzers announced

The journalism industry has more than a few contests for itself, giving many reporters a chance to add “award-winning” to their bio. But few have the widespread recognition as the Pulitzer Prizes, which were announced Monday. Here’s the full list.

Times launches campaign to support local journalism

The New York Times, in advance of World Press Freedom Day on Sunday, has launched a campaign in support of local journalism. Poynter’s Kristen Hare details the effort, which was initiated by the Times’ marketing department.

LION Publishers group postpones 2020 summit

The LION Publishers association, representing small digital news publishers in the U.S., has postponed a June meetup and its October 2020 summit in Seattle and is “pivoting” to provide more immediate and ongoing programming for its members.

A compendium of journalism relief funds

The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers has assembled a comprehensive list of emergency relief funds aimed at news organizations. While pretty exhaustive, the group notes that it is only a partial compendium and will be added to in the weeks ahead.

Google announces journalism relief fund

Google announced today a Journalism Emergency Relief Fund to support small and medium-sized news organizations around the globe. The fund, part of the Google News Initiative, was launched in response to the economic hardship many news organization face in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Applications must be submitted by April 29.

Subscriptions to The Atlantic surge on coronavirus coverage

A NiemanLab interview with Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg describes how a focus on ambitious journalism together with a redesign and a carefully crafted paywall strategy combined to help the magazine rack up record traffic and subscriptions as the pandemic became a dominant global story.

Saving local news

Jon Alsop, writing for the Columbia Journalism Review, recaps the carnage wreaked on the local news business by the coronavirus and reviews some of the many rescue proposals that have been floated in recent weeks. Read his piece in CJR.

Newspack News

Survey of Newspack customers finds broad approval

A survey of the initial group of pilot partners who helped lead the development of Newspack has found that pilot participants and Newspack team members alike “were very happy with the process.” The survey, conducted by analysts from News Revenue Hub, was submitted on Friday to the Knight Foundation, which provided funding for NRH to […]

Our first annual conference and a Newspack primer

The Newspack team brought participating publishers together for the first time last November for a two-day deep dive on the current capabilities and future vision for Newspack. Our chief correspondent, Steve Beatty, wrote an exhaustive account of the meeting, which is a great primer for anyone seriously considering switching to Newspack.

Newspack launches first U.S. site; 34 more pilots selected

Newspack has chosen a group of 34 news organizations to guide the next phase of development of a new WordPress-based platform for small and medium-sized publishers. They will join the existing pilot newsrooms, including Oklahoma Watch, which just relaunched on the new platform. All sites are expected to relaunch on the Newspack platform by the end of February.

First Newspack site goes live

The Chilean news website El Soberano relaunched today with the Newspack plugin, becoming the first live site to use the new platform designed for small and medium-sized publishers.

“Working with the Newspack development team has been a journey of discovery,” said Ana Arriagada, the co-founder and executive director of El Soberano, based in Santiago.

Next round of Newspack pilot newsrooms to be announced

The Newspack team will name in the next two weeks the second cohort of pilot newsrooms that will further guide development of the emerging platform for small and medium-sized publishers. About 500 applicants are being considered for the approximately 50 spots in the next group. These 50 will show that the work we’ve done with […]

More about Newspack

Newspack draws on the power of WordPress and years of industry expertise to deliver a handcrafted solution that helps small and medium-sized news sites build audience and revenue in the digital era. More than 50 sites have signed on in the first year. Check out the latest features and review our pricing and terms of service.